Why We Certify

Government entities currently do not evaluate tick, mosquito and poison ivy risk when licensing and permitting outdoor recreation areas. 


Our certification was developed to provide the public a resource on locating areas with enhanced safety standards related to ticks, mosquitoes and poison ivy. 

As tick and mosquito threats rise commercial outdoor recreation areas continue to receive more questions, concerns and comments. Our certification provides these areas a very strong answer to reassure guests that their property has implemented the most advanced control and monitoring program available. 


Requirements For Certification

In order to receive certification an area must follow our recommended program which includes implementing control to all activity areas.


For example, if a large campground wanted only control services for one baseball field this would not qualify for certification, nor would we provide this service. We do not provide partial area control because in the event someone contracted Lyme disease or poison ivy in another section of the campground we do not want to be associated as the control company responsible for such outcomes.


We have received dozens of requests similar to the above scenario, all of which we have turned down.

Ivy Oaks Analytics has a firm commitment to achieve the highest safety standards possible for each client and everyone who visits client facilities.