How This Works

The Comprehensive Prevention Program is designed specifically for colleges, universities, schools and other academic institutions to address ticks, mosquitoes and poison ivy simultaneously. 


Our process works by addressing all threats at one time, on monthly visits to your campus, for one cost.  More so, we offer host-focused tick reduction devices that provide a long-term approach to ticks. Our cost never changes during the season so if an outbreak of any threat occurs your price stays the same.


Our program will address:

  • Ticks

  • Poison Ivy

  • Mosquitoes

  • Gnats

  • Mites & Chiggers


Our Comprehensive Prevention Program provides your campus automatic certification with Tick, Mosquito & Poison Ivy Control.


Certification includes:

  • Listing on our database 

  • Online account which includes data from treatments

  • Tick population measurements

  • Poison ivy prevalence mapping

  • Certified campus signs

  • Tick & poison ivy identification cards

  • Staff education

Within 48 hours of requesting an estimate you will receive a GPS Image estimating the treatment size along with a video which overviews all aspects of our program. Estimates are offered at no charge and no obligation.

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Why Partner With Ivy Oaks

Safety: Ensuring highest possible safety standards for students and staff is one of the primary reasons our academic clients partner with us. Whether a campus had few or no issues the summer before signing up, being proactive is crucial related to your campus safety.   


Competition: Most people understand the competing nature in education today for the top campus. However, most campuses have no control program in place for ticks or mosquitoes. By signing up you can now market having the most advanced control system available with tick population tests, rodent treatment stations, and staff trained in these areas. You can also mention you are one of only a few education institutions nationally certified for having these safety standards. It also fits well in your “what’s new for this year” message.

Peace of Mind: Implementing our program provides academic clients with an understanding that everything which can be done to mitigate the risk of Lyme Disease, Ticks, Mosquitoes, Poison Ivy and similar threats is being done. Further, the responsibility related to tick and mosquito safety is shifted to us.   

Tick Control

Control of ticks is a service we are devoted to provide. Ticks can carry many dangerous diseases such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and many others. Our Tick Control program combines many tools to safely reduce population numbers and reduce the likelihood of these tick-borne injuries and diseases. Control also includes actively monitoring the decrease in tick population and consistent communication with clients in the event any tick activity occurs.

Host-Oriented Tick Control

The bacteria of Lyme disease, Borrelia burgdorferi, often enters ticks after they have hosted on small rodents, especially the white-footed mouse. With an innovate technique we use devices that are able to shift rodents from supportive tick hosts, to tick killers.


These devices apply a liquid to small rodents while feeding. This liquid prevents ticks from hosting and shifts small rodents from supportive tick hosts, to tick killers. This liquid in no way harms the animals and is similar to Flea & Tick Prevention for pets. 

Natural Solutions

In order for us to successfully lower tick populations we use multiple tools. For controlling ticks at a home one strategy may be all that is required. However, as we safely reduce ticks in large outdoor areas we implement multiple strategies. Other options not mentioned are also available for use. The specific options we employ will depend upon your facility size, budget, desired time frame of effective control (example only while campers are present), and similar factors.

Additional Options

We strive to implement the safest control process available. A crucial component of our tick control efforts is often our natural solution. This solution is conducted in a unique method that allows us to treat large areas in a short period of time. We do not conduct spraying from airplanes, or any similar aerial method. 

Mosquito Control 

Mosquito control can be difficult, particularly in large outdoor areas. This requires a long-term approach directed at the source. We address mosquitoes before they emerge while they are still in their larva stage. By treating mosquitoes when they are at this most vulnerable stage we disrupt their reproduction cycle. It is a more feasible manner to treat large areas as larvae cluster in concentrated groups. This further enables us to provide this treatment using less resources. Outside of shorelines near ponds, lakes, or other bodies of water, areas of standing-water are often preferred breeding grounds. We inspect your camp to alter or recommend removal of any objects or structures that are probable breeding zones.

Poison Ivy Control

Our Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, and Poison Sumac Prevention requires one treatment every 30 days. The most extensive treatment is the first treatment as we aim to eliminate and prevent regrowth of as much of the plant as possible. By employing this initial strategy the majority of our follow up visits are essentially light maintenance. Follow up visits also include inspections to ensure no growth is occurring in other areas.

We can handle any amount of poison ivy, just check out the before and after images.

Within 48 hours of requesting an estimate you will receive a GPS Image estimating the treatment size along with a video which overviews all aspects of our program. Estimates are offered at no charge and no obligation.